You cant visit Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower in Paris has got to be one of the most popular landmarks of all time; it gets more than 6 million visitors every year. It is evident why this landmark is one that tourist continue to flock to, rather you are standing under it and looking up at the enormous structure, standing at the top gazing across France to the Ecole Militaire, it is a truly magnificent view.

Built in 1889 for Exposition Universelle it was believed by many to celebrate the French Revolution. The tower was built in only two years, it took 300 workers putting in long hours each day from January of 1887 to March of 1889, it was the tallest structure of it’s time.

The design of the Eiffel Tower was inspired by Gustave Eiffel who was an amazing builder of many iron structures. He was renowned for winning many competitions as well as famous for his work on structures all around the world.

Not many know this but the Eiffel Tower was actually not supposed to be a permanent structure, many people believe it interfered with the Paris skyline and was unsafe, so they had planned to remove it. However, in 1910 so many people had fell in love with the tower and it had grew to be such a tourist attraction they decided to leave it in place.

The tower is around 1,100 feet tall and about 400 feet wide at its widest point. The tower is built out of a high density steel is able to withstand high winds and storms and can only move at most 2inches in the highest of winds possible.

The tower has more than 1500 steps inside it that allow visitors to reach the top. There are also over 18,000 metal parts on the tower and over 2million rivets that hold the tower together.