Winter Breaks in Paris

This winter many of us are waking up to all the usual hallmarks of a British winter: wrapping up warm, de-icing the car and latching on to the nearest radiator.  Winter is many people’s least favourite season, probably best explained by how – besides summer – it is the most popular season to go away on holiday to escape the cold and spend time somewhere much warmer.

Whilst many people will jet away from the snow and ice for a hot beach somewhere tropical there are still people who enjoy the winter but would prefer to see winter in another country.  Mainland Europe is a popular destination for many with stunning architecture being adorned with snow it can certainly make for a breathtaking sight.  One country that fits this bill perfectly is France.

France has a wide range of attractions and varied destinations from Brittany in the North to Cannes in the south but the jewel in the crown has to be the capital, Paris.  Paris is home to many well known landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Champs-Elysees.  Often referred to as the city of romance Paris can offer plenty for you to see in the winter.

You don’t need to be outside in the cold with many famous museums and galleries providing plenty of historic art and culture as well as many gothic structures such as the Cathedrale Notre Dame or the catacombes giving you a perfect impression of the history and dramatic architecture of early Paris.

Paris is also arguably one of the main shopping capitals in the world with many high end brands and stores being located within the city.

Many Hotels in Paris are housed in these gothic buildings and many have been refitted and brought up to 21st century standards so you can get a perfect balance of old and new.  With tourism being at the heart of the city you never have to wander too far with many hotels being situated either a short walk or a metro ride away from attractions and places of interest.

For families and those looking to venture outside of the city there is also the only Disney theme park in Europe and typically will have many special parades or celebrations that mark the festive season providing some excellent entertainment for children and adults.

So this winter you don’t have to stay stuck at home in the cold, going for a short trip over the winter period could let you see different places in picturesque conditions. With it also providing many areas of interest to make sure you aren’t locked away in a hotel room for the duration of your trip.