Wine trend: Heard it on the grapevine

The new trend hitting the UK is high quality boxed wine. This environmentally friendly format now provides Chateaux wines with a guaranteed provenance, quality and traceability throughout the entire making process.

The days of supermarket cheap and nasty plonk in a box have long gone in the US, Australia and Scandinavia and now the UK is catching on. As concerns about global warming grow, wine drinkers are beginning to see that individual carbon footprint can be reduced by buying boxed wine. A 5 litre box of wine represents just under 7 bottles and also less weight in the transportation chain.

Valerie Blanc, owner of Provanace Wines suggests that, “boxed wine is a fantastic alternative to the green glass bottle especially as the UK capacity for recycling green bottles has been reached. Provanace Wines select small independent French producers, who supply Appellation d’Origine Controlee (AOC) wines in both boxes and bottles and guarantee provenance, quality and traceability throughout the entire making process.

So, who buys premium boxed wines?  “Most of these wines win awards at specialist fairs” she continues.  “Our main customers don’t belong to a particular age group. They are people concerned about their carbon footprint and keen to use this alternative packaging for their informal dinners, parties, and barbeques. Price wise, they are good value compared to the bottle equivalent, but are certainly not as cheap as supermarket boxed wines, which have been produced in volume with no guaranteed provenance.”

So, Premium boxed wines really have arrived.

Provenance Wines recommends Bordeaux Chateau de Bonhoste white and Bergerac Chateau La Mouliere.