Visiting Limoges

In the west part of France is the small town of Limoges, in the Haute-Vienne prefecture, and the capital of the region. Known as Limougeauds by the locals, the town is actually the 24th largest in the country, built right on the side of the river Vienne. It is a gateway to Massif Central, a region in the center of the country hosting many small villages and farm lands. Between the city itself and the surrounding landscape, it provides livelihood for those who work in this area, mostly in the tourism industry.

The reason so many people come to spend some time in Limoges, from around the countryside and elsewhere, is quite simply because of the quality of life found here, something not found any longer in bigger towns. This lifestyle is because of the surrounding landscape, the nature and clemency of the weather in this region. At the town gates, you will see a big natural park, a landscape offering you mild weather in winter, and a good time in summer. Whether you go there in January or August, you will not feel too cold or too hot.

Limoges also offers one of the lowest criminality levels in the country, and a large porcelain industry with exports going throughout Europe. Three large producers are located in the city, Bernardaud, Haviland and Royal Limoges, each of which has a history in this town. But the tourism industry is one of the large income provider of the region.

The Casseaux quarter in particular provides some interesting sights for people to see, with some museums like the Eveche museum which gives a good idea of France culture and local tradition for anyone who wants to learn of such things. One interesting fact among others is that polyphonic music was born here.