Visiting Alsace in France

One of the greatest destinations to visit in France is Alsace. This place is located in metropolitan France and is actually the smallest region in the entire country. It is also a region of France which shares many borders with surrounding countries including Switzerland and Germany. Generally this area enjoys a dry and sunny climate and has relatively stable weather because it is shielded by the nearby Vosges Mountains.

This part of France is what many people would describe as ‘storybook like.’ There are many cottages here which look incredibly picturesque as they are white and have small flower boxes located on the windowsills. The whole atmosphere in this part of France is incredible and you will find the people warm and friendly to visitors. Coming to this part of France will really make you appreciate the beauty of the country and the traditional values of the region.

The German influence in this part of France is undeniable, and this is largely because it has been invaded by Germany in several points during history. The architecture in this part of France has a certain German vibe to it, and some of the cuisine certainly has German elements. Despite the French lot really appreciating the invasions in the past, today, it is clear that the influence has created a rather beautiful part of France with a delightful fusion of French and German architecture.

The area has several great places to visit and while you are here it is almost imperative that you take the time to see them. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself almost certainly reading about them at some later point and wishing that you had taken the opportunity to visit them while you are there. In fact, the desire to go back and see them might be so strong you just find yourself making another trip.