Villa Holidays with a touch of luxury

Interviewed in a recent article in the Financial Times, Viva the Villa, Villa Book director, Edward Marquis, confirmed that in these difficult economic times, there are plenty of signs already that holidaymakers are opting for a villa holiday over a hotel holiday. In fact, over the last few months, The Villa Book has seen a marked increase in enquiries for summer 2009. There is no doubt that for a family or group of friends, or often even for a couple, the price of a villa is considerably less than a hotel holiday, and also offers the advantages of more spacious accommodation inside and outside, a private location, swimming pool, flexibility with meals, to name but a few. Villa holidays have become so much more service orientated over the years, and The Villa Book can provide supplementary services on request at most of their properties, ranging from maid and chef service to chauffeur services, cooking lessons and on-site security guards, meaning that it some cases a stay in a villa can almost be the equivalent of staying in your own private hotel.

With over 1000 properties, most of which have been viewed personally by one of The Villa Book team, the company was aware that the less expensive villas were not immediately apparent to the web browser, particularly for their larger destinations, such as Provence and Tuscany. Anticipating an increase in demand for those properties, and wanting to show that, in spite of having a wide selection of villas at the luxury end, they do also feature a large number of beautiful properties which are much more affordable, The Villa Book has just launched The Credit Crunch Villa Book. This part of the website encompasses all their European villas which rent for under €80 per person per night during high season. The selection has been made on the basis of full occupancy of the villa, and these villas can also still be found under their various country destinations on the website.

The portfolio includes Hermitage, a fabulous six bedroom manor house in the Dordogne (€6475 per week, €539.58 per person).