Travel Insurance with a Pre-existing Medical Condition

Choosing the right type of cover included with a travel insurance policy should be based on a few important factors.  Your holiday insurance even when travelling to France should cover the basic requirements such as cover for valuables, including electrical items if they become damaged or stolen and cover for unforeseen events such as the unexpected illness before travel resulting in cancelling the trip altogether and the cover for emergency medical treatment when abroad.

A holiday insurance policy should also have the correct levels of cover for the type of trip undertaken, whether it a cruise holiday or a backpacking trip or a skiing holiday.  It will also be worthwhile to consider whether you are going on multiple trips in a year and the length of each trip.

You will need to give some thought to the cover included on your travel policy if you have any medical conditions.  Many people decide to pay extra for any medical conditions that they may have which will include common conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol and asthma.

Buying travel insurance with a medical condition is easy when you follow the instructions given. Questions will include “What type of medication are you on?” “How long have you had the medical condition?”  Once all of the questions have been answered satisfactorily, the price to add the condition will be given and once the additional premium has been paid for, the travel insurance policy will include the extra cover.

Adding the additional cover for a medical condition can be a very prudent move. If the medical condition is not declared and paid for before travel has taken place, any claim for medical attention received whilst on holiday can be rejected. The cost for emergency medical treatment abroad can run into hundreds if not thousands.

Your travel insurance policy should also provide you with repatriation cover; this is where you will be brought back to the UK with a health professional at your side if needed.  This cover is not available on the European Health Insurance Cover (EHIC) scheme and you will be expected to fund your own trip back to the UK.

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