tickets now on sale for budget rail service Ouigo

Tickets go on sale for the new train service called Ouigo that boosts similar no frills low cost budget services like easyJet and Ryanair. The new train service offers a route that leaves Marne-la-Vallee just about twenty miles away from Paris and connects to Marseille, Lyon, and Montpellier along the south coast. The budget train service is essentially employing the same strategy of budget airlines by placing its main station outside of the main city centre.

Tickets will start as low as £8.70 which is a steep discount compare to what a normal TGV train ticket would cost. Despite the lower price, there will not be any difference in speed as the service will offer the same type of trains that run along the TGV. Therefore, the average train ride from Paris down to Marseille will take a little bit over three hours.

Of course, there are trade-offs for choosing a budget service and that includes the fact that space on the trains will be much tighter and a first class section will not exist. In addition, the trains will not sport a bar or a café. However, about 20% more passengers will be able to fit on each train compared to the space on a TGV service.

Director of the SNCF, Guillaume Pepy explained that the new Ouigo rail service is designed to help people that live outside of Paris that ordinarily might consider driving for long journeys, but if the ticket is low enough would consider a rain ride. British visitors on a budget may also want to consider the train service as the discount on the train might make it an effective way to get down to southern coast of France in a very quick and efficient manner.