three other French cities to visit away from Paris

When people start talking about France, the one place that always springs to their minds is Paris. While it is true that Paris is the gem of France, this fact cannot take away the other “gems” that await visitors. Marseille, Nice and Bordeaux are all underrated because of the popularity of Paris and even though this is called the city of love, these other places provide the same level of romance and tranquility.

Marseille is the second largest city in the country, and is also the busiest city in the country as it is where the largest ports are located. In addition to this, authorities around Europe branded the city as the European Cultural Capital because of the heritage still present in the streets of the city. Now a lot of people think that Marseille is best known for the shops located at Rue Saint Ferrol, but this is not that accurate because the people working along the streets of Le Panier are the ones that make the city tick.

Nice is another place worth visiting when you’re in France. There are those that suggest that the coastline of Marseilles is just as stunning as the one at Nice, however, the locals have their say about it contending that if you spend a day or two at their coast, you will have a different experience – better than your experience at Marseille. Such contention is backed by the beauty and simplicity featured at the heart of the city.

On to the historical jibes brought about by Bordeaux. This place has a lot of historical monuments and the only thing it boasts to people is the historical feel of the entire country. Paris might have a lot more monuments than this city but the latter is the city of love while Bordeaux is the city filled with France’s history. So you might want to check out these three cities when you get your chance because it’s not every day you get the opportunity to leisurely stroll around France.