There’s a lot more to Bordeaux than just fine wine

Bordeaux is certainly renowned as an area which produces world class wines, but the city has more to offer than simply great wine; historic buildings, revered architecture and a relaxed lifestyle are just some of the attractions on offer.

The city itself is divided into six distinct districts and is centered on the River Garonne. Les Quais is the city centre and lies on the banks of the river, while further north is Gambetta Square, known as “Little Paris,” an area with a heavy Roman influence. Also close to the river is Meriadeck, home to one of the largest libraries in France.

The Aquitaine Bridge sits at the northern end of Les Quais and is renowned for its architecture. The Roman Victory Arch, a sign of the city’s Roman past can be found in La Victoire, while is Gambetta Square is the home of the city’s Public Garden, a place to relax and unwind.

Two well known museums in Bordeaux are not to be missed. The Musee d’At Contemporain contains modern contemporary artworks, while the Musee d’Aquitaine holds most of the older works detailing much of the region’s history.

The geography of the city makes it ideal for outdoor activities. Nearly totally flat throughout, activities like bike riding, walking and rollerblading are enjoyed by many. The Public Garden, in particular is enjoyed by many visitors looking for time away from the bustle of the city.

For shopping, The Pedestrian Centre is the place to be. With niche shops on every corner selling everything from art to wine and clothing, there is bound to be something for every shopper. For restaurants, head to place du Parlement and St Pierre to sample European and Asian cuisine and of course, nearly every establishment has a good selection of wine.