There are many wonderful churches to visit in Brittany

The Finistere region which lies in the north and west of Brittany is mostly known for its large number of churches, called enclos paroissial, spread around the many small villages in the region. They are some of the most interesting architectural sightseeing attractions in the area and made the place an interesting tourist attraction.

Build in the 16th and 17th centuries, this region became very prosperous thanks to trading in the market of flax and hemp, both of which were required in the early shipping industry along the coast of Brittany. Thanks to this newly found wealth, the churches around this region were often built using very expensive and highly praised materials. They were decorative and grandiose, leading to spectacular monuments that are still visited by a lot of people to this day.

Some of the stone carvings, cemeteries and arches found in those churches are great to see and often even if the craftsmen were unknown, their achievement only became more remarkable. Often these villages competed against each other to see who would create the most impressive church or the best entrance. Many of these remain to this day and are the main attraction for tourists.

If you go in this region, you can not miss these churches and they make a great rest stop for you to go in and check out while you are around these villages. Most of the countryside in the northern part of Finistere provides a lot of great sightseeing opportunities, and can be the most impressive sight you can see in all of Brittany. If you ask local tourist information booths they can often direct you to the best places to see, along with some suggested routes that can take you on pre-planned church visit circuits.