The stunning chateaux in the Loire Valley

If you are considering going to France for a holiday, you might struggle to decide where to go because the country has so many great places to visit and things to see. Often one of the most popular accommodation options in France is staying in a villa. If you choose to stay in one of these at the Loire Valley then you are going to be treat to amazing scenery as well as plenty of fascinating visitor attractions.

This area of France is particularly well known for its castles and along the river there are numerous chateaux to visit. One of the most impressive in this whole region of France is the Chateau de Chambord, which must be one of the most famous castles in the world.

This building is going to be particularly loved by people who are a fan of architecture as it is a perfect example of French Renaissance architecture. The building was initially constructed as a hunting lodge and it was created for Fran├žois I who was best known for his love of architecture and hunting.

Around the castle is a wall which stretches for over 30 kilometres and surrounds all of the grounds of the castle. In the centre of the building is a staircase which resembles a double helix and it joins three floors together. This is a really remarkable piece of architecture, especially considering how old the castle is.

Fortifications in this part of France are one of its major attractions and they were started to be constructed in the area over a millennium ago. All of these castles have impressive features and they often are complemented by wonderful gardens and their often special events taking place at them to entertain visitors. You should also put Chateau Royal de Blois near the top of your list of castles to visit