The south east of France is the place to go for eco-friendly holidays

Some of the most famous attractions in France include the Louvre Museum in Paris, and of course the Eiffel Tower. If you have been to these major tourist destinations in Paris, then you should consider visiting the south-eastern France which is popular among tourists but for a different reason.

This part of France is known for attracting tourists who want to go on an environmentally friendly holiday. Here you will find a beautiful region with a rich history and many picturesque cities which you can explore.

Avignon is located in the south-east of France and this city was once famous for being the centre of Christianity. It is also home to the Papal Palace of the 14th century and there is also a 12th century bridge which is a beautiful sight. For those who are interested in culture and art you probably couldn’t find a better city in the south of France. One of the best times of year to visit can be during the summer festival which is a wonderful theatrical experience.

The town is known for its architectural elegance and there are many beautiful squares, avenues, fountains and historical buildings. Another city which is very beautiful is Grenoble, which is also famous for its high-tech industry and is one of the leading locations for microchip manufacturing. This city is also famous for being a sporting location and was the destination for the Winter Olympics in 1968.

Leon is the city in France which is best known for its culinary arts. It is a city with over 2000 years of history and because of its rich architectural heritage it has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. There is also an exceptional university here and many other adventures that can be had throughout the town, there are especially good activities for sports enthusiasts here.