The Rhone Valley in the heart of the Alps

The Rhône Valley is located in the heart of the Alps, in the Isere department and you will find that there is something to appeal to everyone. It will be a great place for people who are interested in history and art as well as those who are into extreme sports. The area is famous for its skiing resorts in the winter and in the summer biking and hiking are very popular activities in the summertime.

There are three national parks in the area and lots of mountains with a great deal of open space. Even in the busy summer months you will find that the area is so large you will have lots of room for your own activities. There are many cultural and historical attractions in the area of Vienne and Grenoble.

From the south coast of France all the way up to the Grenoble runs the Napoleon Road which is named because it is the route that Napoleon took when he came back to France after his exile. The route runs past a historic chateaux and three areas of exquisite natural beauty. The Domaine de Vizille is a great place to stop for a breath of fresh air and even a picnic if you are driving from the South up to Grenoble. If you want to spend a longer time here there are plenty of water sports, hiking trails and beautiful beaches to enjoy.

Grenoble is regarded as the city which is the gateway to many of the best ski resorts in this part of France. Even if you are there in the winter and plan on exclusively skiing, there are plenty of other activities that you might enjoy and are well worth checking out during your time in France.

The old town and Grenoble is completely pedestrianised and there is a beautiful cathedral from the 13th century. In the city there are a great number of museums covering everything from automatons to archaeology. The highlight of Grenoble must be the Bastille fort which is located high above the city, if you’re feeling adventurous you can walk up to the Fort but there is also a cable car for those who are not up to this challenge.

In the summer months you will find a theme park called Walibi Rhone-Alps which your children will certainly love if you have been dragging them round museums in the town for a week. The theme park is vast and has a great deal of attractions including waterslides and rollercoasters. The park has a lot on offer for young children.