The perfect country to both visit and live in

France, which is famously referred to as the land of love, is the best country to visit with your spouse as it is a favourite destination for adventurers, travellers and lovers. Some areas of France that specifically appeal to Brits are Marseille, Nantes, Lyon and Bordeux.

France’s natural landscape comprises of mountains, hills, plains and beautiful beaches. If you visit the French Riviera, you will have the opportunity to visit any of the upscale golf courses and resorts. You can also enjoy visiting and seeing the French Alps especially if you enjoy nature walks. Local and international tourists are also always mesmerized by the many beautiful rivers all over the country.

France has a population of about 65 million people, with the number often escalating because of the many tourists who visit the city.

The ‘hexagonal’ country experiences different climatic conditions in different regions. For instance, those living within mountainous areas may experience extremely cold conditions that include snow for over half of the year.

Regions within the inland experience the continental type of climate whereby summer temperatures change from stormy to hot while winter temperatures are cold but not freezing. If you are visiting the coastal regions of France, you would experience higher levels of rainfall coupled with considerably warm summers and mild winters.

For a senior, this can be a perfect place to retire to because of the advanced healthcare system, which makes the country have high life expectancy. France is also increasingly becoming friendlier to the environment, which means anyone ailing has a high chance of living longer.

This country can, however, be quite costly to live in. Courtesy of the booming tourism sector, this county has grown to become one of the richest countries in Europe. This has enabled the inhabitants to have high standards of living as well as enjoying easy access to one of the best public education systems in Europe.