The Orient Express offers the ultimate luxury in train travel

The Orient Express actually has the full name the Venice Simplon Orient Express, and it is something that is very familiar to most people because of its presence in popular culture.

It has appeared in numerous movies and books and generally has an association with mystery and luxury. It still operates, and is one of the most luxurious ways which a person can travel through Europe by.

Luxury train travel is no new idea, and it was around the 1850s that luxury trains were introduced. George Pullman was the first to utilise the market and he created a train with a wide range of amenities. There were places to sleep, places for relaxing as well as the opportunity to enjoy good food.

The Orient Express originally ran from Paris to Romania and would stop in places including Strasbourg, Budapest, Bucharest and Vienna. Soon after launching it became established as one of the most luxurious ways for people from Western Europe to travel to Romania as well as Hungary. It didn’t take long for it to extend its route across northern Italy, as well as Bulgaria. This meant that the train was able to stop in Sofia as well as Venice.

The original Orient Express had 35 cars and they have recently been given a new lease of life. At auction, the cars were purchased and a company have spent over $15 million in restoring the train. Taking a journey on the Orient express is an experience you won’t ever forget. You will be able to enjoy visiting some of the most interesting cities of Europe and the whole experience will be like stepping back in time.

Dining on the Orient express is an incredible experience and there are very experienced French chefs cooking up fantastic meals. All of the ingredients are sourced along the route, so they remain fresh. The restaurant is spread over three cars and the atmosphere when dining is magical. The different ingredients that are purchased in each country mean that guests on the train will be able to enjoy a wide variety of food.

All guests on the Orient Express are provided with a personal steward. When you first arrive on the train, they will take you to your personal compartment and answer any questions that you might have.

There are many accommodation options available on the train. You can either choose a double or single compartment and if you wish you can join two compartments together to create a bedroom and a private lounge. If taking a trip on the Orient Express is something that you have always dreamt about, then you can easily make it a reality by booking a journey on this incredible train