The many attractions of Angers

West of Paris, in the southern section of France, lays the city of Angers. This is a very old town, one which history’s can be traced back to the Romans era. On the river Maine, six bridges can be seen, and Angers is located right in between those bridges.

There, twin spires rise up from the ground to create some of the most spectacular sights that any visitor would want to see when going there, a relic from the Cathedral of Saint-Maurice, a 12th century relic that is still standing today for people to view and admire. This is just one of so many attractions that people can be drawn to, and why Angers is a city that ends up being so popular in the mind of so many tourists.

Another historical location is of course the Trinité Cathedral, the main source of faith in the region, and a very large building that was created to follow the traditions of the era, where people will be going there to pray and get some spiritual guidance, something that is still being done to this day.

Angers is also home to an orchestra, the ONPL, and hosts several concerts on a regular basis. Why stop here when you can spend a few days? There are of course many hotels that can offer you some accommodation at a great price, so you can be sure never to pay more than what you should when you come here to visit.

Now however, Angers is not only a traditional tourism destination either, it still has a lot of industries going on, including companies like Scania, Packard-Bell, NEC and Bull. These computer, electronics and other companies form the other backbone of the local economy, providing some much needed income for the local people living here.