The fusion of culture makes Calais an interesting place to visit

In the northern part of France can be found the town of Calais. This is one of the largest towns in this area of France and it is of a rather interesting design. In the centre part of the town there is an artificial island which is surrounded by canals. There are also many other interesting attractions in the town and it can be a delightful destination if you are coming to France for a short break.

The culture in this town is very interesting as it is a strange fusion of French culture as well as culture from the United Kingdom. Calais is one of the major destinations that people arrive in when visiting from the UK, as it has a connecting ferry port with the country.

The town does have some historical buildings, however not as many as it used to have because of German bombing campaigns during the Second World War. Unfortunately during this time the vast majority of the town was destroyed and so the area has very little remaining from before the 1950s.

For tourists there are many activities to take part in in the town including museums to visit and other cultural attractions. There are also some spectacular beaches here and good shopping opportunities. Once you have spent a day enjoying the town of Calais, there are plenty of activities to take part in after dark and there are lots of bars and restaurants.

The beaches are really one of the highlights of this town and there are tourist beaches here dating all the way back to the mid-19th century. Sunset in Calais is also quite a spectacular occurrence.