The French are genetically miserable according to new research

French people are the ones that should be held responsible for their melancholy and feelings of depression. Based on the results of a study conducted by a French institution, the country’s inhabitants are trained to be gloomy and depressed by the elements of their native ethnicity.

According to an instructor at Paris School of Economics, Ms. Claudia Senik, the French education system and its ethnicity makes their people less blissful than their riches and way of life advise they should be.

France offers a high standard of living to all kinds of people and not only to its natural inhabitants. France gives charitable welfare conditions to everyone, which include free access to schools, hospitals and more importantly, health care. Despite all these generous offers that the country provides, the French people are still rather gloomy and discontented. As a matter of fact, France is notable for its high suicide rate in all over Europe.

What’s more, this unpleasant behaviour of French people can be clarified by “psychological mind-sets that are gained in institution or other situations, particularly during younger years, according to Ms. Claudia Senik. She came up with a generalization after studying all the statistics, facts, and figures on life fulfilment and contentment that French people are less blissful than other Europeans.

The ethnicity and something from their culture just make French people more unhappy and miserable. In third world countries, people are very much blissful, happy, and contented with what they have.

There are many nations that are extremely poor but their inhabitants never feel less gloomy and discontented unlike the French people. In order to solve this problem, the education system and other French institutions must play vital roles in teaching its people at a younger age so that they can realize and find out their sense of optimism and cheerfulness.