The enduring appeal of Val d’Isere

Despite France having over 300 resorts dedicated to skiing, tourists always seem to return to Val d’Isere year in year out. It may seem unusual to return to the same destination with so many amazing resorts around the world to choose from, but after being a frequent visitor you become a pro on how to find the best accommodation at the best bargains and also on how to find the ski routes.

When searching for deals on the internet you should first check out the reviews before you commit to anything since there are a wide range of top destinations and ski resorts to choose from these days.

The fastest and cheapest way to get to Val is by road and renting a car is the most viable and convenient option. There is a hypermarket on the way from which you can purchase supplies considering that in Val, food and supplies are more costly. After that you spiral up the mountain and on the way you pass signs for Tignes and Sainte.

Our stay during the entire trip will be spent in La Daille, which is a hamlet that is just a couple of minutes away from the centre (Val d’Isere), by shuttle bus. It is of better value and is more accessible to the ski area (Espace Killy).

The advantage of going back to a resort you’ve been to before is that you have access to the off-site. You get to through the fields of powder on the Manchet lift and after taking a ten-minute hike to the top (Col de Fresse) you get to ski below to La Daille.

Going on a venture on off-piste all alone is quite reckless but through years of returning to the same destination you gain the ability to build up your knowledge on which routes to use and at what times of the day to ski.