The Dordogne castles and countryside

The Dordogne is located in the south-west part of France and it has some of the most beautiful castles and palaces anywhere in the country. There are also a very large number of them and it is estimated that there are over 1000 castles and palaces in this area of France alone. The area is also known for its scenic countryside and the mediaeval villages that are located throughout it. For those who are looking to travel this part of France it can be the ideal destination because of its warm climate.

For those who enjoy history this part of France is a dream destination. There are numerous historic monuments including several sites of prehistoric significance. The region has been given World Heritage status by UNESCO because of its importance in relation to history. The Vezere Valley is of particular note and because of the immense number of historical sites in the Valley it has been described as the cradle of the human race. Those who are interested in finding cave paintings then it is definitely worth exploring the Lascaux caves which are around 17,000 years old and have many early paintings of animals.

Wine production in the region as a major business and many of the chateaus in the region are centres for this. If you are looking to pick up some traditional food then there are numerous historic market held in the various villages. All of these will have organic produce from local farmers and an array of delicacies for you to try. There are also market stalls where food is being prepared and often traditional music is played at the market. These do not just occur during the daytime and there are several night markets where visitors can do some shopping as well and enjoy a delicious evening meal.