The delights of Provence

Provence is an area in the south of France that is known for its easy lifestyle and beautiful scenery. The area has been popular with people from all over the world for a long time and there is plenty to enjoy in the region. There are some major towns which have many urban attractions, such as shopping, galleries and museums but the main draw this area of France is the rural villages.

The rural areas are where you will find the most beauty in the area and if you travel through this part of France you will be sure to enjoy the nature and the little towns that are sprinkled throughout it. Roussilon is an example of such a town, and its vineyards are wonderfully picturesque.

There are many things that must been seen by anyone who has come to visit the area and one of the key places is Arles. This is a place where Van Gough painted some of his most famous work and you can see why he chose to paint here when you experience the beauty of the place for yourself. Arles is as picturesque as towns anywhere in the world get but it is not the only kind of beauty that this region of France has on offer.

If you head to Camargue you will find lagoon of a mysterious beauty and you will see them along with flamingos in the brightest pink as well as white horses – these two animals are symbols of the region of Provence. Another place of stunning beauty is the Lavender Route, which is a wonderfully walking route that is full of flowers that will delight the walker.

As well as the nature it is well worth visiting some of the most notable towns in the region. There is Cours Mirabeau which is a simple town that is really wonderful to walk in. You will find a good range of cafes and places to eat as well as being able to see some old French mansions. These are not actually lived in today but are where various businesses operate out of.

Another town worth visiting is that of Avignon and it is full of wonderful restaurants and surrounded by beautiful scenery. The pace of life in the town is very slow and most visitors will find it a perfect pace of life for a holiday. The town also has the rooftop garden of Rocher des Doms.