The delights of Brittany

A holiday in France is never complete without visiting Brittany, which is among the most favourite travel destinations in the country. Brittany offers an enigmatic blend of traditional culture, remarkable historical sites, beautiful countryside, and stunning medieval architecture.

Brittany is likewise famous for camping holidays, where one can spend days being mesmerized by coastal attractions and rustic countryside destinations. Here, you can experience what the place offers, including flawless beaches, the Breton Cider, the mysterious Carnac standing stones and the historic medieval abbeys.

Brittany kept its traditions, and thus declared as the singular place with a significantly prominent individual culture out of all the French regions, being an autonomous country up until the 16th century. With its historic ties to the British Celtics, many parts of Brittany still speak its own language called Breton,

The traditional Celtic culture is visible in Brittany’s music, Celtic arts, religious festivals and storytelling. The leftovers of its historic past can still be seen at the Carnac standing stones, which are a gathering of menhirs that are approximated to be more than 5,000 years old. There are other historical sites along the Brittany coastline that are similar, although of smaller scale, to the standing stones.

If you are interested in visiting medieval sites, there are numerous places where you can go. One of such places is the Mont St. Michel medieval abbey which is a spectacular view to see rising out of the tidal island, like a monstrous spectre at night. You can also visit and be awed by Vannes, a town that is home to many ancient Breton architecture fully intact, such as old chateaus, a number of churches and a huge cathedral.