The Cannes Film Festival, see and be seen

‘Le Festival de Cannes’, The Cannes Film Festival, is one of the most respected, famous, and spectacular international fests there is. It was first formed in 1946 and gives one of the most sought after awards throughout the film community. The festival is organized in Cannes, on the ‘Palais des Festivals’, in southern France.

In September 1939 the first Cannes was held as a competition with the Italian film festival. However, due to the ravages of World War II, the festival ceased and did not resume until after. The casino of Cannes was the first location for the revived festival, in 1946, and the festival was an instant hit. Its fame grew with each year.

During the second Cannes Film Festival sixteen different countries partook in the competition. The highest award, the Golden Palm, was created for the 1955 festival. Every annual festival is judged by a jury headed by an individual, and the awards are given in varying categories to reflect an array of achievements. Although the name has changed over the years, in 2002 it was finally set in stone as Festival de Cannes.

The sectors that receive the different awards at the film festival are easily separated into three groups: prizes from individuals, competition, and other sections. The highest profiled category is the competition one. The prizes here are the Grand Prize of Festival, the Golden Palm, Best Female Actor, Best Male Actor, Jury Prize, Best Screenplay, and Best Director. In the section for others you’ll find Student Films, and Best Feature as examples of the prizes.

The 2011 Cannes Film Festival is set to be held from May 12th to May 23rd and a brand new prize category will be started from this year on. It will be given for the best Short Film, according to the announcement made.

Just like it has done in the previous years, the committee for the festival revealed ahead of time who will head up the award ceremony’s jury. Unbelievably, it is Tim Burton. He is famous as a modern half art, half movie, film maker from Hollywood. His movies are popular and quite dark in their artistic outlook.

The Cannes Film Festival is anticipated to be yet another big hit with the public this year.