The beauty of the Dordogne

The Dordogne is one of the most beautiful areas in the whole of France, and it is famous for its many monuments including castles and Chateauxs. One of the most notable castles in the Dordogne is the 12th century castle, called Commarque.

The great thing about this Castle is that you are allowed to go inside it, as well as explore its extensive grounds. Inside the castle, you will get an excellent idea of its history, and afterwards, exploring the woodland surrounding the castle can be a wonderful opportunity. This Castle is also particularly appropriate for children, as there is a large play area specifically for them.

Another architectural masterpiece in the region is the Chateaude de Beynac. This would perhaps be one of the most significant landmarks in this part of France, and visiting here will give you an excellent idea of its involved history as a fortification in the war, and its various resilience to invading forces. The architecture of this construction is really remarkable and will blow visitors away.

A particular hotspot with tourists in the area is the Crystal Cathedral Cave. Coming here is a remarkable experience as you will be lowered down into the cave in a basket which descends from the ceiling. Once you’re inside you will be amazed at this incredible natural phenomenon, and it will be sure to be an experience of France that you don’t forget.

Another great experience that you can have in the Dordogne is canoeing. This takes place on the Dordogne River and it will really allow you to experience the serenity of this part of France, as you sail along the pristine waters.