The Alsace region of France

The area where the borders of Germany, France and Switzerland meet is famous for its cultural heritage, rich artistic delights, outdoor activities and intellectual history. Along the edge of the Black Forest, the Alsace region is a truly unique location to live and has much to offer. If you happen to be in the area this is certainly worth the visit.

Unlike other regions in France, Alsace is rich in French, Swiss and German influences as the region is in the Vosges Mountains in the northeastern region of France. The region is France’s smallest with Strasbourg bordering the Rhine River and Germany. In route to Mulhouse to the south the region has Switzerland as it southern border and is known as Franche-Conte.

Much of the Alsace region along the Rhine River is in a fertile plain excellent for vine growing. While driving in the area your can stop to see many flowers that are throughout the small villages along the way including architecture and cultures from centuries past.

The lower region that rises from the Rhine has many vineyards and is great to visit for wine tasting tours. On the higher areas are monasteries and castles scattered within the forests and is a great to take a hike.

Among French regions, Alsace is unique because of its Franco-Germanic dual cultures. Its largest cities are Mulhouse, Colmar and the capital in the region Strasbourg. The majority of the population is French speaking along with a dialect influenced by the German, French, and Swiss German roots called Alsatian.

A unique blend of German and French makes up the regional cuisine and is delicious combined with the local wines. A good number of the towns in the area have German names with much of the architecture in the villages reflecting the Germanic influence.

Any visit to the area is full of delightful experiences with the Alsace region providing a relaxing and enjoyable escape from the usual fasted paced life in the city. A drive through villages can be enjoyed or a train ride takes you along the Rhine where you can see the beautiful scenery pass you by.

Along the slopes of the mountains you can sleep at a local bed and breakfast called a Zimmer to take advantage of the delicious cuisines and enjoy the local people. Since Strasbourg is located close by you can visit the city and see the European Parliament on a nice day trip and experience all the beautiful architecture and culture of the city.