Tesco Real Food reveals French food becomes UK’s fastest growing cuisine

French food is gaining popularity in the UK faster than any other kind of cuisine, says Tesco Real Food.

Kantar Worldpanel, an independent retail analysis firm, found last month that the amount of sales from 2010 for prepared meals, plus desserts, that were considered French, increased 16%. Tesco reported a larger 27% increase, triggering a special line of foods called French Classics.

Some examples of Tesco’s statistics for the increase in volume sales of French foods in 2010 are Coq au Vin +34%, Salmon en Croute +73%, Steak au Poivre +37%, and Tarte au Citrons +82%.

The contradiction of the popularity of French food during a time of crisis is explained by Stephanie Bacon, Tesco’s food developer responsible for the French Classic line of foods, “Families are buying pricey prepared foods to have the in home restaurant experience, which actually saves them a lot of money by cutting out the high restaurant bills.”

“Our first contact with the effects of French cuisine increasing volume sales was when we released the Restaurant Collection in 2009. It included many French options. Watching this line surpass our expectations prompted us at gut level to start the French Classics in the Fall.”

As for the other cuisines and their popularity in the UK, they are French at 16%, Chinese at 15%, Local at 6.7%, Italian at 6.6%, followed by TEx-Mex at 3.2%.
All of the dishes for the French Classics were designed by Michelin Stars chefs who have extensive restaurant xperience.