Taking to the waterways of France

When it comes to planning a French boat holiday one of the hardest parts can be actually choosing a destination since there are so many great places to visit in France. However, if you are in need of a suggestion you might want to consider Aquitaine since it is a wonderful gastronomic cruise destination.

Aquitaine is found in the south west corner of France and is known for its wide variety of orchards, cornfields, and vineyards. Together they combine to create some great landscapes and to also offer some of the best truffles and wines in the world.

Outside of treats, the area also offers plenty to see from a boat including plenty of beautiful chateaux and some grand ancient towns. A short cruise down the River Baise will allow you to see many different villages and towns and you can even moor in some medieval areas.

One great town to call at is the Mas D’Agenais which is draped in a lot of history. The town has been owned by both the British and the French over the past century and you can see this in many intriguing historical sites including the historical path that leads the way to the Pyrenees Saint-Jacques de Compostelle Way.

Also popular in the Aquitaine region are the vineyards that are spread out throughout the villages of Nerac, Buzet, and Damazan. Here you will find some great prunes and some markets that you can visit for some great wine, bread, and produce. Art fans will also want to make it a point to see the many art centres that dot the area boosting works by Duffy, Rembrant, Goya, and Sisley.