Strasbourg is a great destination for a short break

Strasbourg, is in the north-east part of France, near the German border. It is the largest city in the Alsace region and is where the European Parliament sits.

The city is very important for politics in the Western world but is also a very interesting place to visit because of its very impressive architecture.

Some of the most prominent examples of gothic architecture can be seen in this part of France and Strasbourg certainly has some of the most notable.

Some of the most important political bodies in this part of France include the European Ombudsman, the Council of Europe as well as Eurocorp. Some of the most notable architecture in the city includes the Rohan Palace, Strasbourg Cathedral as well as the entire of Petite France.

The Strasbourg Cathedral is regarded as one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in Europe. There are numerous tours of the city on offer and any of these will have plenty of information about the history of this cathedral.

The cathedral has had many changes over time, partly due to expansion and partly due to fire. This has meant many different architectural styles can be found in the cathedral and have been designed by numerous architects.

At the Rohan Palace visitors will find three of the most important museums in the city. The palace itself is an impressive example of Baroque architecture and the history behind this building is fascinating. The Palace has existed for many centuries and over history many notable French have come to visit it, including Mary Antoinette and Napoleon.

If you are in Strasbourg then you shouldn’t miss out on visiting Petite France which gets its name because of a hospital that was constructed in the area to treat people with syphilis. Germans in the area called the part of the city Petite France because they saw syphilis as a French disease.

There are many spectacular things to see in Strasbourg, but one of the things you will love the most about the city will be the impressive architecture. The Gothic architecture combined with the modern provides a memorable experience of this fantastic city.