Strange Facts About Paris!

Paris is one of the few European cities that record over 80 million visitors a year, so there’s certainly some fascinating facts and history about the French capital that makes it one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Although the spectacular architectural structures like the Eiffel Tower, as well as the amazing museums, play a major role in attracting both local and foreign tourists, there are other facts about Paris that are also important in the city’s tourism sector. If you’re thinking about visiting Paris this year, and would like to tour some of the alternative attractions, here’s a short guide to get you on the right track.
Pont Neuf (New Bridge)
Pont Neuf translates to ‘new bridge’, but this structure in Paris is actually one of the oldest bridges in France. This bridge is believed to be the first to have pavements that separated pedestrians from traffic, making not only making it a top tourist attraction, but also a historical piece of architecture.  Constructed in 1578, the bridge is more than 400 years old and still maintains the name Pont Neuf; it is also the oldest existing viaduct in Paris, and one of the most cherished structures in the city.
Lutèce Parisiorum
Just like any other big city, the French capital has a rich cultural history, but did you know that its name was changed from from ‘Lutèce Parisiorum’ to the present day Paris? The original name was given by the city’s early settlers who decided to start up a community on the muddy banks of river Seine, many centuries ago. These settlers, who were mainly Celts, were known as the Parisii, and the word Lutèce is derived from the Latin word, Lutum – meaning ‘mud’. In conclusion, Paris was actually once called the Mud Town of Parisii!
The Bell Tower at Saint Jacques
One of the greatest attractions to visit in Paris is the Bell Tower at Saint Jacques, and if you have ever wanted to see a bell tower without its bell, then this is the place for you! Saint Jacques is a bell tower built in the 16th century, and it is still standing strong to this very day. Although recently converted into a weather station, the structure of the bell tower at Saint Jacques continues to amaze many visitors who come to Paris in search of beautiful architecture. Before booking your flights to Paris this year, make sure you compare airfare prices at Cheapflights – there are so many great deals to take advantage of!
Bastille Day and the Storming of the Bastille Prison
Every year on July 14, France celebrates Bastille Day, honouring the day that Bastille Prison was stormed in order to release political prisoners who were critical of the ruling Monarchy. It was in 1789 when Parisians gathered up their efforts and invaded the prison, only to find out that there were no political prisoners of any significance in the jail. In actual fact, there were only seven prisoners, four of which who were being held for forging bank checks!