Spring sunshine in France

There is no need to fly for hours to feel some spring sunshine on your back, as just a short hop across the Channel, France offers everything you could want from a spring break, and much more besides. The official tourism board for the country, Atout France, have been putting together an impressive list of experiences and activities to entice visitors this year which include getting behind the wheel of a vintage sports car is stunning Auvergne, taking a wine making course in Bordeaux and sailing a yacht across to the island of Hyeres-les-Palmiers’ Porquerolles.

One that will particularly appeal to those seeking relaxation is to follow the spa route of the Mid Pyrenees and take advantage of the luxurious thermal waters. Another great way to unwind is a city break in picturesque Annecy which has a gorgeous lake that begs to be paddled in and a range of sporting activities if you enjoy playing sports on holiday.

These plans came about after Eurostat released their research findings which revealed that France is in joint second place with Italy when it comes to attracting tourists, no prizes for guessing that Spain still holds the number one spot. Visitors to France account for 9% of European citizens who take a break within the continent, with Spain pulling in 13%.

While this may not seem like a great difference, 4% of all those who take a holiday equated to millions of tourists who are choosing their neighbour instead of France, and with no end in sight to the euro crisis, and the fact that many consider France to be very expensive once you get there, it is little wonder that Atout France are pulling out all the stops to get tourists to book their holidays here instead of across the Pyrenees.