Speaking French on holiday in France

Probably, many of the people who migrate to France from non-French speaking countries know none or very few French words. In fact, The word probably is used here because there has not been any survey conducted recently to ascertain this, though for people who want to visit France and know only a few French words, you may find this article very important.

Perhaps as a non-French speaker the initial months of living in France may be the time you face the greatest challenges. Though you will find it hard to talk with builders, officials, utilities besides conversing with neighbours you need not to worry. As a fact, the adrenaline rush that you get due to the challenges of being in a new home in a foreign country would make the few words you know be of great help. As most of us look back, we wonder how were able to manage knowing very little language, but somehow we managed.

In every language the most common words are ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’, ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’ besides a smile accompanied with eye contact hence you may find these words helpful particularly the first few weeks in the foreign country. These words should be always accompanied with a smile so, if you are not a natural ‘smiler’ you should practice.

When you have got your smile right, you should try moving towards your wife, husband, best friend, smiling (not hysterically!) stretching your hand ready for a shake. You need to shake hands with anyone who is made known to you; the ones you know as you meet within the streets or those who knock on your door.

This is polite and expected, and frankly, if you do not do so, it is considered rude. Ok. Since we have endeared you with your commune and neighbors. You will require some more practical tips and here are a few.