Ski Jackets and Salopettes Selling Fast Ahead of 2012 Ski Season

With winter approaching the ski season looms and talk turns not only to where to go but also on what to wear.

In Europe the ski season typically runs from mid December until mid April with the demand for ski products traditionally felt by retailers as early as October with sales typically peaking around late December.  In recent times however several retailers have noticed that consumers are buying in an anticipatory sense given that highly fashionable versions of ski jackets, salopettes and snow boots tend to sell out fast.

Determining when to head up the slopes can be tricky too and while you might romanticise the notion of spending Christmas amongst the snow or consider taking time off during your children’s February or Easter half-term breaks, a trip during March might be preferable as facilities are less chaotic and the weather could be nice enough to get a tan while you slalom (or stumble) down those slopes.

Once you’ve decided when and where you’re going, you’re likely to start thinking about what items you need to replace – or buy if it’s your first time – and these days the expectation is that what you’re wearing can’t merely be functional but also stylish!

Typically amateurs and snow addicts alike will opt to purchase fashionable ski jackets, salopettes or ski pants, snow boots, hats, goggle and of course skis and snowboards often with a visual theme running throughout.

The rise of the après ski scene has been responsible for creating much of the social pressure to look good up the mountain with socialising now considered a key part of the adventure for many.  For those unacquainted, après ski refers to drinking, going out, dancing and generally having fun with skiers and snowboards typically enjoying this atmosphere in the surrounding clubs and bars after their last run of the day.

The après ski scene has seen retailers capitalising on the trend for fashionable ski jackets, slopettes and snow boots too, resulting in an expansive variety of fabrics, styles and colours without forsaking the warmth and comfort required for sportswear of this nature.  With retailers reporting that demand is higher than usual for ski jackets and salopettes in particular, the collective suggestion is that consumers plan their skiing purchases earlier ensuring that more popular items are still available.

The pistes are ready for action on some of Europe’s finest slopes already and with the Scotland having received the UK’s first fall of snow this season is predicted to be an après skiers dream.

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