Ski Holidays in France

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As the most popular skiing destination for British tourists, France is quickly becoming a great place for a skiing holiday. With services suitable for all capabilities and preferences, the ski resorts in France are some of the best in the world. So, what makes France so great? And what do you need to know about skiing here?

The first thing that you need to know about France is that it is diverse and varied in what it offers. This applies to both skiing abilities and personal preferences, with a number of additional services and features characterising the French skiing experience.

Skiing Areas

French skiing areas form four distinct areas which are all linked with one another. The French are well known for creating huge ski regions which are covered by a single pass. Modern lift systems characterise these areas, making them easily accessible and simple to navigate.

The main hub of French ski areas are focussed around the French Alps which boast the largest mountains in Europe. These mountains include the world famous Mont Blanc and make France an incredibly popular destination for skiing holidays.

Skiing Landscapes

The landscape of the French Alps is also diverse and provides the perfect backdrop to any ski holiday. The areas can sometimes be particularly cold and windswept during January but are generally ideal skiing destinations. The cover of snow is guaranteed between the months of November and April, offering great accessibility to those looking for a great ski holiday.

The different areas and landscapes in France mean that there are both low and high altitude skiing areas available, meaning that skiers of all abilities are able to enjoy the landscapes which France has to offer. The Alps provide a stunning backdrop and the combination of larger, high altitude resorts, and lower lying traditional villages mean that there is an abundance of variety within the landscape itself.

Ski Resorts

Ski resorts in France generally fall into one of two categories. The first of these is the more modernised, high altitude, resort. These are purpose built for skiing, meaning that there is a more modernised feel and atmosphere with great services and skiing features. The other alternative is more traditional skiing villages. These will be lower in altitude and will offer a more traditional skiing experience within small mountain villages.

The great thing about the ski resorts in France is that you can often find a number of different types of resort linked within a ski area. For example, one of the main four ski areas in France is the Three Valleys. This area comprises of a number of resorts, two of which are the Val Thorens high-altitude resort and the Courchevel Le Praz, mountain village resorts. Both of these resorts are linked to one another by falling into the same area but are very different in style and size. The former stands at 2300m (making it the highest resort in Europe), whilst the latter stands at a lower 1300m.

If you can’t wait to visit the French Alps then it is important that you start looking for Ski Holidays 2012 now in order to avoid disappointment.