Ski Holiday Villas in France

Whether you are an intrepid, fearless and very experienced skier or a ‘snow bunny’ who really prefers après ski activities to the rigors of getting up and down a frozen slope, France has a perfect spot for you.

If you are somewhere in between the two extremes, there are so many options that you’ll need to narrow your search down to specifics or end up scratching your head in indecision until the snow melts.  Remember also that the earlier you book your accommodations, the more likely there will be special deals, even freebies, such as day-care for the kids.

First you need to decide on when you want to go and how long you want to stay; because that’s going to affect the rates you’ll pay.  Then there’s the question of whether you’re taking the family or just a friend, or taking no one and hoping to meet up with a kindred soul.

All these factors and many more should be taken into account when making a decision amongst the plethora of options for France ski holidays.  You will find that almost all of them offer at least a few bunny slopes, but a limited number can provide a glacier with lifts.  Some are geared more to nightlife than to exhausting daytime adventures, but you will probably want some of both.

Try not to be confused by nomenclature.  Some of the ‘summer villas’ become ‘ski chalets’ when the snow falls.  There are ski villas in France, ski chalets, ski resorts and some that just expect you to know them by name, such as Chamonix.

This area has five separate ski areas and is world-renowned for its stunning scenery and variety of terrain, crowned and dominated by the massive Mont Blanc.  Here the skiing is arguably the most challenging in the world, but you will also find heated indoor swimming pools, tennis and squash courts, sunbeds and saunas and enough lively nightlife to satisfy the most diverse tastes.

The same is true of so many places that offer ski holidays that you need to narrow your search even further.  Some are ‘fully catered’ chalets where the price includes such perks as a private chauffeur, private lessons, a personal masseur or masseuse and the daily newspaper of your choice, to name but a few of the luxuries available.  The great thing is that the opportunities are endless, if money is no object or if the budget is your main concern, you will find plenty of options from which to pick and choose.

It will pay to make a list of your favourite activities, but first check out the possibilities:  climbing frozen waterfalls, dog-sledding and bobsledding, ice skating and skidoos may not even have entered your mind, but these and just about anything else you can think of, with the possible exceptions of camel rides in the sand dunes or cactus-watching, will be on offer on France’s ski holiday smorgasbord.