Shopping in France

Going on holiday is not only the chance to experience new sights sounds and cultures, it also gives us the chance to buy the goods they are famous for right from the source. These are invariably cheaper as you are cutting out the transportation costs as well as the UK suppliers cut of the profits. As far as this is concerned, you are literally spoilt for choice when you take a trip to France.

Clothes, wine, cheese, perfumes, beauty products you name it, there are so many that are French you can have field day. A major UK seller is Clarins skincare, and as this is a French company you can stock up on all your favourites for much less than you would pay at home. The same goes for perfume and the like, and if you are going to a rural destination you can always pick them up at the airport in the duty free outlets.

Rural destinations are still a great place to pick up wines and cheeses however, as there will undoubtedly be vineyards close by, and even the tiniest of French visitors have those glorious little cheese shops that you can smell before you can see.  Sitting in France with a bottle of wine, fresh cheese and a baguette is the kind of thing you dream of, and in just a few short hours you can be doing just that.

As far as designer clothes go, you need to be in the larger cities where the specialist boutiques are located. Walking into one of the top designer stores in Paris, for example, will take your breathe away and while the clothes will still not be cheap by any means, you may be able to pick up a bargain that you’re not expecting. This also goes for the likes of shoes and handbags, cities and larger towns are the place to find the best bargains.

France is one of the most exciting and vibrant countries in the world, and with great food, great weather and fantastic shopping, it is little wonder that we flock there in our millions.

Article courtesy of Escentual