Scotland and France’s cultural relationship strengthened further

The relationship that has been there for centuries between Scotland and France has been strengthened with a new treaty for collaboration in culture and arts. The relationship between the countries has been in existence for many years and will be updated with the signing of Statement of intent for the two countries to collaborate in cultural matters. Fiona Hyslop, Scotland’s culture secretary will sign the document along with the French Minister of culture and communication Aurelie Filippetti in Paris.

The agreement entails France and Scotland promoting cultural activities on each other’s territory while highlighting the other’s creativity. Both countries will also support the working together of different artists in order to promote partnerships between French and Scottish cultural institutions. Ms Hyslop pointed out a number of recent events that had involved France and Scotland like the new Asterix book that was set in Scotland adding that Scotland and France had shared more than 700 years of cultural and economic connections.

Ms Hyslop added that the agreement would lead to better results and that the Scottish government would look for several opportunities to work with the French government and other partners on cultural projects and creative industries.

Ms Fillippetti on the other hand added that culture was a unique way of expressing oneself and that it was a way of shared enrichment, mutual understanding, social ties and economic growth. Ms Hyslop will be having a two-day trip to France and she will visit a primary school located in the outskirts of Paris and will also attend a reception that the British Council will host.