Salon Du Livre Festival 2009, Paris

Literary enthusiasts from around the world are set to descend on Paris next month, when the annual Salon Du Livre festival kicks off.

Set to take place at VISPARIS and the Porte de Versailles, the show will run between Friday March 13th and Wednesday March 18th.

This year’s event is set to place special emphasis on Mexico and its erudite history. Works by some 40 authors from the country, which has forged close links with France, will be on display at the show.

“All the treasures of Mexican publishing will be laid out before you in a large bookshop presenting a very comprehensive overview of Mexican works in French and Spanish, a book exhibition and a meeting area,” the organisers explain.

Tickets for the show cost 7 Euros for those who book online in advance. Admission is free to people under the age of 18 and students younger than 26, providing they make reservations using the internet.

Salon Du Livre is open every day from 09:30 local time and closes at different times each day, due to the range of activities taking place.

Porte de Versailles is located around 15 minutes from the boulevard peripherique orbital road, making it easily accessible for people staying in hotels in Paris. has some good deals.