Rose wine from Bordeaux is the perfect alfresco drink for the summer

Summer is getting closer every day and this means that people are going to be enjoying drinks outside, lunch on the patio and a whole variety of different summer foods. If you are thinking about finding some great wines to complement this summer attitude, then you should try some French wine, specifically rosé wine from Bordeaux.

Rosé from Bordeaux is a wine that is being produced in a much greater quantity than ever before. Compared to 20 years ago five times more rosé is being created in the region today. Sales in the last year have risen dramatically and is nearly 30 million bottles of wine have been produced since 1990.

A little knowledge…

Rosé wine isn’t just a blend of red and white ! Rosé is made from the juice of red- or black-skinned grapes, extracting just a little colour from the skins. In Bordeaux, there are two ways of making rosé : there are rosés from red/black grapes pressed specifically to make rosé wines, and rosés de saignée made from juice run off from a red wine tank before too much colour has been extracted from the skins (this has the side-effect of making the red wine richer). Both types of rosé are fermented cool, like white wines, to keep them fresh and fruity.

Like most Bordeaux wines, Bordeaux rosés are generally a blend of different grape varieties. As a result, Bordeaux rosés are well-balanced, complex wines – Merlot brings soft, gentle, red-berry fruit, while Cabernet gives a much fresher, grassier, herbier character. Bordeaux is a coastal region, and the maritime climate ensures that the wines have fresh, zingy acidity to balance the delicate intensity of their flavours.

How to drink Bordeaux rosé…

Bordeaux rosé is a light, delicate wine best drunk in the flower of its youth. It suits all kinds of situation, fun or formal, planned or spontaneous – and you can drink it with great pleasure right through the meal.

Bordeaux rosé with food…

Bordeaux rosé’s red fruit aromas – cherries and raspberries – and fresh acidity make it a lovely, refreshing aperitif. But, being dry and well balanced, it also goes very well with food : salads, spicy dishes, parma ham with melon, beef carpaccio, pizzas, herb-flavoured dishes such as fish with tarragon, and even certain cheeses.

Bring out the cocktails!

Your friends will love this cool Bordeaux Rosé cocktail, developed for us by the Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux.

It’s called the Bordeaux Fizz !

– 1 cl lemon juice

– 2 teaspoons caster sugar

– 1 cl cherry syrup and two cherries

– 7 cl Bordeaux rosé

– a dash of fizzy water

Pour all the ingredients apart from the cherries and fizzy water into a cocktail shaker, and shake vigorously. Pour over ice cubes into a large wine glass. Rinse the shaker with the fizzy water and use it to top up the glass. Decorate with the cherries.