Retiring to France

If you are heading for France with a view to making the move permanent, then it is probably going to bring about some of the biggest changes in your life. Whilst moving abroad is never an easy option, whatever your age, making the move when you are over 60 is markedly more complicated.

Getting to grips with new systems, finding ways to combat changes in the policies of the country and managing your finances in a new country is always difficult, but you are up for a bigger headache if you have not planned your migration properly. Before leaving the UK, make sure that you have seen all your investments, income, and pension are properly in place.

If you plan your finances well then a much easier time awaits you as you can hire a translator to help you overcome the language barrier that you are up against when it comes to health systems, local charges, or bills in France. They will help you to work with the new systems as you might not know enough French to get you through. Having local knowledge in the form of a language guide will help you feel confident when facing the challenges that will be awaiting you.

Modern technology is not a demon so use it to your advantage. This will make your life much easier in your new country where you are away from your loved ones. You will feel much better after talking to them over the phone or via email, or even chatting with a webcam which is much more personal.

Leaving work life is refreshing for most but having nothing to do can quickly result in boredom. One option is to go for some long holidays to exotic destinations but that really isn’t the best idea when you should be concentrating on settling in France.

You should set yourself some kind of daily routine to keep yourself busy. Going for a walk with your dog for example or visiting a cafe for a coffee or joining a club are popular ideas to pass your time. You are retired now so you can do what you want with your days, so enjoy your new life in France and make the most of your retirement.