Reasons to Go Camping in Normandy

The combination of beautiful beaches, high-standard food, attractive scenery, and fantastic landscapes make France a favourable camping holiday destination for British families and holidaymakers. Normandy is specifically a superb camping area for five common reasons.

It is extremely convenient to go for a camping holiday in Normandy which is the region of France that’s closest to the UK. The fact that the ferry from Newhaven arrives in Dieppe there is very little travelling involved once you are in France, so if you aren’t comfortable with driving long distances abroad this is the ideal location for a family holiday.

Little coves are dotted between great expanses of stretches of sand and these combined with the magnificent coastline and the moderate temperature can make your holiday trip a whole lot of fun for the whole family. If you have been longing to spend some time on a quiet beach and relax for the duration of your break then you have a very valid reason for going camping in Normandy.

Normandy is a treasure of orchards, dairy produce and fresh farm products as it’s been contributing in the economic growth through its production of fruits, vegetables, milk, and cheese. The region produces over half of the milk and dairy products in France and the cheeses of this region are simply delicious.

Apples brandies, apple based salads and appetizers, saucy cuisines, and quality ciders are also dominating products from the region. The seafood is particularly fresh and mouthwatering, and make sure to try the barbecued prawns teamed up with assiette de fruits de mer while you are on your trip there.