Provincial dishes around France

In some of the regions of the world the regional specialties remain within the area but many of them become famous around the world and are enjoyed by many. Within the region of their origin you will usually find the dishes prepared with a higher quality including the ingredients.

And in each region there is the typical way in which the ingredients are chosen and how the food is cooked. A good example is tomatoes, olive oil and herbs are a must in Provence cuisine.

The lifestyle, culture and economic conditions of a region have formed traditions for the local food. In the mountain regions are firm cheeses because of being able to preserve them through the long difficult winters. In areas where the economy is limited the main means families support themselves are from these firm cheeses since they can be produced from livestock in the mountains.

For example for centuries the Burgundy region prospered because of the excellent cattle that were raised helping them created some of the best rich creamy sauces and meat dishes.

Having ingredients available locally that do not need transporting make them of higher quality and make up the basics for the best food. The community of areas where fruit and herbs are grown can easily use the same in their local cuisine. Also inland areas that do not use a great deal of seafood but those on the northwest coastal areas like Brittany and Normandy offer so many different seafood specialties.

The cuisine of France’s neighbors is also ingrained into the areas of France that border other countries. Close to the border with Italy for example it is common to find Italian dishes and because of North African people living in southern France many in France can enjoy original African dishes.

Because of the changes of borders through the wars with Germany the area of Alsace has the sauerkraut and wine that were popular in those areas. Also in both restaurants and homes in France you will find a range of dishes that extend further beyond than just regional specialties. But the local influences, ingredients and ways of cooking will always be incorporated in the finished product. So what you want to eat, may just decide where you want to visit.