Poitou-Charentes western France

Poitou-Charentes is an area in the west of France which borders the Atlantic coast. It is a diverse place with many beaches and also several mediaeval towns. There are also many natural attractions, museums and theme parks in the area which make it a great location for those looking for a summer holiday for their family.

The main town in the region is Poitiers and this has a great deal to offer tourists including a spectacular church. Inside the Notre Dame de la Grande Church you will find beautiful sculptures that have been restored to their original glory. During the winter months there is an impressive light show near the church.

For those who are more interested in Gothic architecture there is another cathedral in the town located near the church, it was built in the 13th century and is located next to the oldest Christian building in the country- St Jean baptistery.

The streets in the town are twisting and narrow and there are open spaces which are full of bars and cafes where you can easily spend several hours relaxing. If you are after a more adventurous day then it would be worth visiting the amusement park which is located north of the town. There are a great many attractions rides and the parties themed in a futuristic style. There are also many exhibits which are targeted towards children’s learning and are interactive to captivate their attention.

There are lots of beaches in the region and several seaside resorts have been set up. La Rochelle is one of the most famous resorts and is a truly beautiful location for a holiday. Off the coast from this area is a small island which is perfect for walking and cycling and can be reached by a short boat trip.