Paying taxes and retirement while living in France

Before you decide to retire to France you must understand certain aspects of how the French live that would most definitely affect your time in the country. Foremost among them are taxes. French authorities will determine your payable taxes as they will take into consideration what you also pay in your own country.

French residents get taxed according to their global income and there are four different tax brackets. When you are a pensioner only 90% of your income is taxable while the rest is exempt. There are ways to reduce you taxes when you decide to retire in France.

The climate in France varies depending upon the area in which you leave. The South of France near Cannes and Nice has a warm Mediterranean climate with beautiful beaches and great regional food. As for the North and Northwest areas of France they have warm summers, mild winters and lots of rain. The eastern and central regions have warm summer months and long cold winters.

The country’s healthcare system is considered among the best in the world. It is government subsidized with medical costs far lower than the costs of US medical care. Patients that are covered under the healthcare system are able to choose their healthcare professionals and up to 85% of the entire costs are covered by the government.

Everyone in the country including retirees is provided the right to see a doctor and get emergency treatment. Insurance in the country is used to pay the 15% the government does not cover.

People retiring can also enjoying ownership of real estate in France and the real estate in France is considered to be some of the most profitable in the world. This also has affected the cost of living. To live comfortably as a retiree in France it is best to know the costs for renting property, food and meals, transportation, health insurance, shopping and amusement and recreation and other incidentals.

You also need to know the cost of utilities, communications and all the other expenses to get a better idea if it is for you. Before deciding on whether or not France is a good destination for retiring you need to know the French way of life it if you have the money it is a great place to live.