No matter what you get up to outdoors keeping dry is key

An Advertorial Feature

The advances in waterproof clothing in effectiveness, comfort and price means that more people are buying quality clothing for all kinds of outdoor activities.

Waterproof trousers have become especially popular with gardeners and dog walkers as well as sailors, fishermen, hikers and campers. Usually worn over regular trousers, waterproof trousers ensure that outdoor activities can be enjoyed in all kinds of weather conditions.

Many people keep their waterproof clothing handy when working outdoors or enjoying the park or countryside. They can be easily folded away in a bag or even packed into the pocket of a large coat. This way they can be pulled on easily whenever the weather changes.

Golfers are particularly aware of the importance of having quick and easy access to protective rain wear when out on the course. A passing downpour doesn’t mean the end of a round of golf but finishing a game in damp trousers is never a good thing.

Gardeners too need to be out in all conditions; while a little rain may be good for the garden it’s not so good if you’re out in it wearing cotton trousers or denim jeans. A pair of waterproofs in the shed can keep you out and digging a little longer, so too can some men’s waterproof jackets.

Not too many dogs are bothered by the rain but they may be more disappointed by a walk being cut short than by a few drops of water. Carrying a pair of waterproofs with you when you hit the local park or fields with your dog can prevent the daily constitutional coming to an abrupt end.

Cycling can be a fantastic way to get around, especially when the sun is shining. But getting caught in a sudden down pour can turn a delightful journey into a grim and sodden slog. Keeping water proof clothing in your cycle bag, rucksack or side panniers can mean a quick stop to pull on the waterproof layers will make you the envy of other, drenched cyclists.

Walkers or hikers in the countryside or on the outskirts of town should always carry rain proof gear with them, whether on a challenging trek or a light stroll. As anyone engaging in outdoor activities in the UK will know, even the sunniest of days can quickly change. And no one wants to get caught out in the rain no matter how near or far they are from home.

Whatever you’re up to in the great outdoors, easy to pack waterproof clothing can help keep you dry and happy in whatever you do.