Nice is a year round resort

Many think of Nice and the surrounding French Riviera to be a summer destination. There is no question that these coastal towns are renowned for their summertime festivities and the great weather that travellers can find on the coast, with millions of people going there every year as a holiday destination.

However, Nice is a great destination even during winter, something many people do not realize. The French Riviera actually has warm weather all year long, even during the winter season, and many people are now starting to realise it can be an autumn or spring destination as well.

With the current economic situation, many do not go on full vacation trips any more, but a weekend off to Nice can be a very wonderful and relaxing situation. If done during the colder months, it can even help keep you going until the summer, providing a memorable journey to a sunny escapade. For many years now, this coast has seen a warmer than usual temperature which allows tourists to enjoy a time that they could not in their own country or region.

Even if the weather is less than perfect, Nice has a lot of activities for you to do. The art galleries, for example, are renowned around the region. The Matisse Museum is also a great indoors destination, and so is the historical train station.

To start your trip on the right track, you should start with the Promenade des Anglais, which goes along the beach and provides a great shopping experience. Then, check out the Cours Saleya market from which you can reach the old town.

Finally, make sure you take a walk in the old town and stop at a coffee shop, before staying in some of the best hotels in the region, often dating back from the early 19th century. There are guide buses who can allow you to visit the town, and even with just a few days you can spend a great time in Nice.