Most of the Brits living in France are in Aquitaine

As reported by the INSEE study, Aquitaine, one of the 27 regions of the France, accommodates the majority of British migrants. This region is home of as many as 16,000 Brits and when you add in those who have moved here from from nearby areas like Charente, Charente-Maritime and departments of Gers, and the number almost doubles.

The INSEE report has also thrown up some other interesting facts such as the majority of Brits prefer living in the Dordogne area. More than 7,000 have made ‘Dordogneshire’ as their new residence. However, it comes as a surprise that areas like Verteillac and Eymet, have Brits accounting for almost 8% of the total inhabitants. Bergerac Airport, which serves the Dordogne Region, is one of the busiest in France, and no surprise that 225,420 Brits passed through here in 2011.

The study also tried to figure out the notion of why people make the move across the Channel, and found out that the reasons have changed a lot over the years. Traditionally, people were happy to spend their retirement life in France but in recent times, the younger generation are also making move with career focus and a new lifestyle the two most appealing reasons.

Lower Normandy is not far behind when it comes to Brits’ choice as their home in the France with 7,000 Britons are living there, according to a separate study. Older people prefer this place when compared to younger migrants and when you compare the data from 1999-2009, more than half of the migrants are aged 55 or over.