Mobile Phone Providers in France

Although the popularity of mobile phones in the UK is well established, it must not be forgotten that across Europe and the rest of the developed world the mobile industry is booming. Over 90 per cent of the population of France has at least one mobile phone and there are plenty of network providers to choose when you are thinking about signing up to a new contract for making calls abroad. Here is a quick overview of the major mobile phone providers in France.

Orange is currently the largest mobile phone provider in France and it is a brand that is largely owned and operated by France Telecom. It operates using a number of universal network technologies and this included high speed 3G networking with HSPA connectivity for unrivalled mobile internet access and seamless downloads. Orange provides a number of deals for customers and it is a key partner for smartphone manufacturer Apple, bringing the iPhone to consumers before any other network. A variety of price plans including pay monthly and pay as you go options are available from Orange and if you are after entry level mobiles rather than high end smartphones it has great value handsets on offer.

SFR is France`s second largest mobile phone provider and it is partially owned by Vodafone, which means it acts as a partner network for any UK customers arriving on the continent. It supports 3G networking for high speed data transfers via mobile phone and it champions a number of different smartphones, including those which use the Google Android operating system. Amongst its price plans of the pay monthly variety you can pick up deals which give you the first few months of the service free of charge and this is applied across a wide range of contracts as long as you sign up for a minimum of 12 months. Delivery on all of its new mobiles is free of charge and if you are not satisfied with your purchase or service there is a conditional money back guarantee.

Bouygues Telecom currently services the third largest mobile user base in France and it has competitive pricing and offers which allow it to stack up against its larger rivals. Its motto is that the mobile user should not only have freedom of movement, but also freedom of choice and as such it has a number of customisable packages and price plans to examine. Many of its offers are exclusively open to online transactions, so it is worth keeping tabs on its website if you want to get the best possible deal. Each package includes a set number of inclusive minutes and texts each month, starting with one hour of talk time on the cheapest deal and going right up to 40 hours or more depending on your needs. you can choose either a 12 or 24 month contract and the longer commitment period will get you a cheaper monthly price.

Choosing one of these three major French providers or one of the smaller alternatives can be difficult, particularly if you are looking to make cheap calls abroad by picking up a locally sourced mobile phone and contract. However, if you use price comparison online you will be able to seek out the ideal plan for you.