Minervois a land of wines and perfect villages

Minervois has had grapes cultivated since the times of the Gallo-Romans and today Minervois remains the most famous wine-growing region of the Languedoc-Roussillon of the south of France. Wine is not the only thing to discover here, there is much more like Roman Churches, the abbey of Caunes near Rieux-Minervois, the prehistoric grottos and the beautiful villages that dot the Canal du Midi.

The Canal du Midi is an oasis into beauty and tranquility and it does not matter if you are riding or walking beside it, lazing on a canal boat and gazing into the sky or just picnicking on the banks or enjoying wine at any one of the restaurants alongside the canal.

A dream to make a waterway that connected the Atlantic and Mediterranean in the 17th century of Pierre Paul Riquet was accomplished by over 12,000 with only shovels. The stretch of water that is 360 km long known as the Canal du Midi has more than 300 structures with a navigable route using aqueducts, bridges, tunnels, paths to pull boats with horses, resting areas for animals and travelers and 156 locks of which many are tourist shops and promenades.

Locals have been able to exports their products more easily through the canal which of course includes the famous wine of the region. The canal today is equally a work of art and an engineering masterpiece that is appreciated by the locals and tourists equally.

Minervois remains a land of wines and agriculture with splendid vistas, beautiful villages and small cities that have grown along the canal. One service that is real important to the locals is tourism they have so much to offer the tourist and attract the visitor.

The city of Minerve is probably the show piece of the area. It has been widely visited, painted, photographed and written about on numerous occasions as well as being listed as one of the most beautiful villages in all of France. The city is impressive for not only is location, perched on a rock surrounded by two gorges but also for the history that includes the cathar burnings of 1210.

Today Minerve remains a lively village that is happy to celebrate its own festival, the La fete de la Pierre or the Festival of the Rock in August. Street performers come out during the festivals make both the young and old pleased.