One of the most popular cruise destinations in France is Marseille. Marseille is the third largest city in the country. It is also France’s oldest city. The first inhabitants of what is now known as Marseilles were the Phoenicians who lived in the area in 600BC. It was later occupied by the Romans who turned the area into a trading post. Eventually, Marseilles became a commercial port that was most famous for a soap that is known around the world as, ‘savon de Marseille.’Marseille was once known as a dangerous place with a very high crime rate. However, the city has since reformed itself a great deal and is no longer an undesirable location to visit for a Holiday. Marseille is one of France’s best cruise ports and cruise ships from all over the world dock in its harbours. Currently, Marseille is known for its burgeoning music scene. Marseille’s fashionable youth make the city very alive and vibrant.Cruise travellers will not only enjoy Marseille’s unique and interesting vibe, but they can also enjoy exciting sightseeing excursions in the area. One of the highlights of a cruise holiday in Marseilles is exploring the famous Chateau d’If which was popularised by the Alexandre Dumas novel ‘The Count of Monte Cristo.’Other highlights include the Notre Dame de la Garde, the Musee d’Histoire, the Unite d’Habitation, and the Vieux Port. Cruise travellers will definitely enjoy these amazing sights.If you are going on a cruise in France, you will most probably need a short stay Schengen visa if you are normally resident outside a EU country. With a Schengen visa, you can travel across member countries freely, including France. The Schengen visa will allow you stay in any member country for 90 days. These visas are issued for holiday trips, business travel, and for visiting family.